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*What the LBR Center is about*


 Life Beyond Reentry is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting former offenders in developing a healthy and productive lifestyle through teaching and training while encouraging positive behavior and attributes of independent law-abiding citizens. 

*Goals and Objectives*

 Increase each former offender’s knowledge, self-awareness, and the relationship between their culture and the community. The program will facilitate and provide services contributing to the development of participants despite their past circumstances. 

  We are committed to encouraging all of our participants to become leaders and achievers in today’s economic and political climate. Our program offers participants the opportunity to change their perspective on life through training and workshop exercises that are geared towards:

*Empowering each participant to make appropriate choices and decisions*
*Promote constructive daily living*
*Playing a role decreasing recidivism*
*Acquiring the necessary life skills to assist them in their personal growth* 
*Cultivating their talents*
*Encourage abstinence from substance and alcohol use as well as emotion abuse*


*Identify each participant's individual needs*
*Maintain enrollment up to 50 participants in each workshop or group*
*Provide training in life skills and anger management*
*Provide job preparation and interviewing techniques* 
* readiness effective material related to issues that affect Returning Citizens*
*Utilize assessment tools to help evaluate the performance*
*Acknowledge and reward participants for their accomplishments*
*Achieve at least 80 percent successful completion rate*

Why Us?

Here at LBR, we care about changing lives and making a difference in the lives of our Returning Citizen participants.

But most of all, we aim to build stronger families, neighborhoods and increase public safety in our communities.

Here at the LBR Center, each individual will be given a second chance to reconstruct their lives and develop a productive lifestyle.

*"I am capable of achieving all things and overcoming all obstacles."*