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Meet the Team

Debra Black

Allied Healthcare Professional
Chief Executive Officer
Degree in Applied Science

Debra is Founder and CEO of the "Life Beyond Reentry Center," a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization located in the Heart of Pontiac, Michigan. Since 2016 Debra has served as Chief Executive on LBR's Board of Directors. Before her current position as Executive Director, Debra Nurtured a Career in the Medical Field, supported by a degree in Applied Science; However, it became more and more difficult for her to watch so many failed attempts made by ex-offenders, both men and women in her community while trying to find their way after being incarcerated. 

Debra was able to see first hand the struggles that ex-offenders faced after being released back into society. She was compelled to make the first move helping other ex-offenders establish a pro-social lifestyle after their release, providing outlets that encourage a positive view on life. 

Debra's position as Executive Director, requires her to manage the LBR Center’s daily operations, such as keeping track of participants that are enrolled in the reentry program, monitoring the growth and progress of each participant, overseeing classroom sessions, workshops, and motivating positive energy. 

She has dedicated herself to educating her community on the high rates of re-incarceration of ex-offenders. Also, Hosting Speaking Engagements and Public Workshop events in order to bring awareness to communities; throughout the State of Michigan. Regarding the importance of having Reentry Programs set in place to assist in the transitional phase for ex-offenders returning into society. Which; would overall contribute to the reduction of recidivism rates in our Cities, Counties, and State.

Debra Stated

  “Leaving my career behind to pursue something so passionate at the time seemed like a huge decision for me to make, especially for a person taking care of a family, but we have our callings, this one just so happens to be mine.” Call answered! 

Debra Black, Founder, and CEO

Jason D. Wilson

Chairman of the Board

Jason has a diverse background. He has experienced several roles within Supply Chain, from Production and Parts Follow Up Supervisor to Logistics Analyst and Inter Regional Flow Program Manager as well as various special projects with Fiat Chrysler Automotive and FedEx Supply Chain Services.

In addition, Jason is a partner with TOFP consulting firm and has developed multiple youth programs for clients such as Covenant House and Park West Foundation on leadership and financial fitness which he has trained in for over ten years. Jason has also consulted for small to mid -sized construction companies and has been the keynote speaker for several clients/events.

Bryan Killian-Bay

Vice Chairman of the Board

Bryan Killian is a Pontiac Business Owner, for over 5 years he has taught credit restore, and financial budgeting workshops. Bryan is also a Business Consultant.

Masters of converting participants into productive citizens

Peter Black

Board Member

Peter is a business owner of a small construction and ground service company for over 15 years. Several years of experience as chairperson in the men's ministry, including mentoring, life coaching young adults and adolescents within the community.


Bobby Jones

Secretary of the Board

Dr. Clyde Alexander

Board Member

Clyde is a Clinical Psychologist, with a degree in Business Administration, and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Development. He has dedicated over 30 years, providing services to families such as; Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, and Group Therapy.  Also, providing services for; Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling. Clyde reaches his audience through Public Speaking and is also the author of two books.

Harold Bradley

Board Member

Harold is an Addiction Certified Counselor who has worked closely to help individuals and their families; work through modalities in a variety of settings for over the past 30 years.

Thomas Lawrence

Board Member

Thomas has his Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, and a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, he is also Pastoral Counseling. Who has over 30 years of service in the areas of Childhood Development, Mental Health, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, and Family Counseling.