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Career and Volunteer

1.  Counselors
2.  Social Workers
3.  Mentors/ Coaches
4.  Facilitators
5.  Office Assistant

We are always in need of volunteers, both men and women who are available to donate their time to assist us in our mission and vision.

 It is important for us to show the same level of dedication that we are asking our participants to demonstrate during the program. That is why it's vital to be dedicated to what you expect to achieve in life. 

LBR Junior Mentoring Program: M.A.D.E
Making a Difference Everyday (coming soon)

If you would like to volunteer or are  interested in a career with LBR Center as a facilitator, counselor mentor/social worker  Contact Debra Black 
Office:: 248-221-474
Fax:  248-221-7425

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