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Work of our Job Skills Men @ LIFE BEYOND REENTRY CENTER

Mr. Black:    Custodian/Lawn Service LLC
Mr. Weston: License Builder
Mr. Brown:  Carpenter ( Journeyman)
Mr. Parks:   Electrician Master Journeyman
Mr. Staford: Carpenter ( Journeyman)

Substance Abuse/Recovery/Prevention
Dr.  Alexander, Clinical psychologist

Substance Abuse/Recovery/Prevention
Dr. Alexander, Clinical Psychologist

We understand the importance of having a balanced lifestyle when it comes to juggling life with family, work, and friends. We have a program that focuses on developing that balance. This program is a Ninety-day program with day and evening workshops available. Following the completion of the program, there will be a graduation ceremony for all participants. " Unwrapping The Man/ Woman Inside " (1)program was designed to remove layers of barriers and hurdles that prevent individuals from moving forward in life

We start first by removing the interior layers of negative focus to assess the positive attributes of the inner man, who aims to become an achiever and a law-abiding citizen.

For ones dedication and accountability of being in compliance with LIFE BEYOND REENTRY CENTER's obligations there will be a ceremony for each participant to celebrate their achievement with their chosen family members.


Developing balance in life, while juggling family, work and friends. We owe it to our- self to enjoy life and have fun. Making time for you, "me-time" 
managing responsibilities is important.  But we all must learn  live, laugh and love more.

A game of one on one basketball.

Debra Black, Founder & CEO

 I saw a need within our communities and society.  That need became the birth of LBR Center. I have poured my heart into this program and conducted many hours of research. 

while dedicating countless hours including burning mid- night oil to develop a structure program ,to assist returning citizens who are willing to change for the better.  applying the process of change to create a  productive and quality  lifestyle. 
 Most of all my greatest desire is that each participant, will over come any barriers that may hinder them from seeing life in an more positive view. 

 Our services are offered to men & women who will be connected with a personal mentor to guide them through the change process.

 We will do everything within our ability to ensure they are  successful in achieving the goals they have established both personally and professionally.n  

More information is available about our world class program.  Please stop by and pick up an information

Peter Black:
Our Program Director

LBR Center: "Is the place to get a fresh start. They have the KEYS  for WSDOM and KNOWLEDGE, which is  SUCCESS! Don't take my word check it out for yourself."